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List of peer reviewed publications

Carracedo, L.I., Mercier, H., McDonagh, E., Rosón, G., Sanders, R., Moore, C. M., et al. (2021). Counteracting contributions of the upper and lower meridional overturning limbs to the North Atlantic nutrient budgets: Enhanced imbalance in 2010. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 35, e2020GB006898. https://doi. org/10.1029/2020GB00689

Fontela M., Perez F.F., Carracedo L.I., Padín X.A., Velo A., García-Ibañez M.I., Lherminier P. (2020). The Northeast Atlantic is running out of excess carbonate in the horizon of cold-water corals communities. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 14174 (10p.).

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Carracedo L.I., Perez F.F., Gilcoto M., Velo A., Padin A., Roson G. (2018). Role of the circulation on the anthropogenic CO₂ inventory in the North-East Atlantic: A climatological analysis. Progress In Oceanography, 161, 78-86.

Carracedo L.I., Pardo P. C., Flecha S., Perez F.F. (2016). On the Mediterranean Water Composition . Journal Of Physical Oceanography , 46(4), 1339-1358 . Publisher's official version:

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Carracedo L.I., Gilcoto M., Mercier H., Perez F.F (2014). Seasonal dynamics in the Azores-Gibraltar Strait region: a climatologically-based study . Progress In Oceanography , 122, 116-130 . ,

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Garcia-Lafuente J., Delgado J., Sanchez Roman A., Soto J., Carracedo L.I., Diaz Del Rio G. (2009). Interannual variability of the Mediterranean outflow observed in Espartel sill, western Strait of Gibraltar. Journal of Geophysical Research-Ocean, 114(C10018), 9p.,

Work submitted / in progress

Carracedo, L.I., McDonagh, E., Sanders, R., Moore C.M., Brown, P., Torres-Valdés, S., Baringer, M., Smeed, D., Rosón, G.. North Atlantic nutrient pool reorganization by the Meridional Overturning Circulation (in submission).

Carracedo, L.I., et al. Seasonal variability of the North Atlantic 'nutrient stream' (in prep.).

Monographs / reports / databases

Carracedo, L.I. (2020) Discrete chemical sampling, Satlantic SeapHOx sensors, Remote Access Samplers (RAS), in JC174 cruise report (Smeed, D.).

Carracedo, L.I. (2018) Winkler oxygen, in JC174 cruise report (Smeed, D.).

Carracedo, L.I. (2016, 2017, 2018) Nutrient transports across RAPID, in ABC Fluxes report (McDonagh, E.)

Carracedo, L.I. (2016) SADCP, in DY040 cruise report (King, B., eds. Carracedo, L.I., Kent E.).

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Carracedo, L.I. (2013) Subtropical North-East Atlantic water masses and transports: broadening the knowledge of the overturning circulation in the Azores-Gibraltar region. PhD Thesis. Supervisors: Pérez, F.F., Gilcoto, M., University of Vigo, Spain, 293p (URI:

Ribas-Ribas, M., Carracedo, L.I., Gomez-Parra, A., Forja, J. M. (2012) Influence of the Bay of Cádiz and the Guadalquivir Estuary on the Carbon Distribution in the North Eastern Shelf of the Gulf of Cádiz (SW Iberian Peninsula). Proceedings of the ESA, SOLAS & EGU Joint Conference Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science, held on 29 November - 2 December 2011 at Frascati in Italy. Edited by L. Ouwehand. ESA-SP Vol. 703, id.29 (2012ESASP.703E..29R).

Rosón, G., Carracedo, L.I. (2012) Salinity, in CATARINA 2012 cruise report (Ríos, A.F.). 

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Carracedo L.I. (2008) Correlation between upwelling index, sea level and thermohaline variables in Rande Strait, Ría of Vigo. MSc Thesis. Supervisors: Herrera J., Varela R., Rosón G., Department of Physical Oceanography, University of Vigo, 25p. 

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